LIFE ENVision Project for sustainable agriculture

Life EnVision: Sowing for The Future
ENVision - Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize
ENVision project funded by European Life Programme

Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize the crops to increase yield and healthy plant growth

“ENVision – Enhance, Nurture and Vitalize the crops to increase yield and healthy plant growth” is FertiGlobal’s innovative project awarded within the European program LIFE. The ENVision project will finalize and bring to market FertiGlobal’s break-through biostimulant EnNuVi® technology aimed at radically changing the impact of agriculture on the environment while supporting the growing demand for food and higher yield productivity.

The main goal of FertiGlobal’s ENVision project is to obtain crop resistance to abiotic stress conditions at large scale, while increasing crop quality, productivity and soil fertility.
This result will be achieved taking into consideration three main areas:

Technical benefits: Thanks to the savvy combination of bioactive […]

The ENVision project will be carried out according to the following steps and key actions:

1) Advanced Lab testing

Finalization of EnNuVi formulations applied to the majority of crops and validation of the mode of action against abiotic stresses.

The ENVision project is based on a new and unique technology developed and patented by FertiGlobal, the Agricultural Division of Larderello Group: an innovative formulation based on the combination of bioactive polyphenols with nutritive elements.
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Protecting the environment through water saving and the reduction of agrochemicals

Agriculture is extremely vulnerable to climate change since higher temperatures reduce crops yields while encouraging weed and pest proliferation.

Extensive use of natural resources (e.g. water) and pesticides are no more sustainable, as they are threatening the environment and affecting human health and food security at global level.
Indeed, fungicides can be persistent, mobile and toxic in soil, water and air, and they can affect humans and the wildlife either directly when applied or indirectly through the food chain. Consumers are exposed to agrochemicals residues in water and in food, especially fruits and vegetables. In Europe 44% of total fresh water is used for agriculture.

To make things worse, global population is expected to increase up to 10 billion by 2050.
Therefore, the agricultural production will need to expand 70% accordingly.
This huge challenge calls for urgent and effective solutions and this is why the ENVision project has been awarded within the LIFE funding Programme of the European Union.

Use of fresh water in EU by 2050
2050: 70% of water for agricultural

Agricultural use

Other use

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FertiGlobal is addressing the challenges of modern agriculture to find sustainable solutions. The result is our ENVision project, awarded within the LIFE Programme that supports the most promising actions addressing environment and climate issues.
ENV Air and Healt Welcome Meeting at Bruxelles

LIFE ENVision takes part to the european welcome meeting in Bruxelles

The LIFE ENVISION project participated to the Welcome Meeting of the “ENV Air and Health” projects that took place in Bruxelles

Fertiglobal’s ENVision project awarded

The ENVision project is our way to help farmers with innovative biostimulants based on our brand new technology developed by Larderello’s very own researchers: the EnNuVi technology.

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