ENVision project help farmers with innovative biostimulants

EnNuVi awarded for its breakthrough environmental friendly technology

Introducing Fertiglobal’s ENVision project awarded within EU LIFE Funding Program

The ENVision project is our way to help farmers with innovative biostimulants based on our brand new technology developed by Larderello’s very own researchers: the EnNuVi technology.

This technology is patented worldwide, enhancing crops defense, vitalizing and nurturing plants. Having this award is a satisfying recognition of our breakthrough technology, based on an innovative solution that has also a positive impact on the environment due to the reduction of water consumption and usage of pesticides.

ENVision project help farmers with innovative biostimulants

Going into much more detail the whole technical action of the ENVision is implemented in our labs, located in the middle of the tuscanian country where we have a specific area in which we dedicate to the chemical formulations of our prototypes. After a long chain of tests the prototypes are brought to our remote controlled greenhouses where the testing continues in different temperatures and with different levels of irrigation.

Fertiglobal’s ENVision project awarded
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