Tomato plants are tested with EnNuVi

life trial in Larderello

EnNuVi field trials on tomato have started

EnNuVi is now tested on tomato plants

tomato trial
The on-field trial session of our worldwide patented EnNuVi technology has finally started!
After intensive testing conducted in lab and in our special greenhouses, FertiGlobal’s R&D team has now set up a proper field test on tomato plants.
🍅 This trial will validate EnNuVi’s ability to enhance the “water use efficiency” of tomatoes, proving the positive effects of this innovative technology against water shortage.
The final goal is to save at least 9% of water along the crop’s lifecycle while ensuring excellent results in terms of yield.
Stay tuned for further updates on our ENVision project.
Tomato plants are tested with EnNuVi

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