inauguration Fertiglobal new R&D Center

The biostimulant that combines polyphenols and micronutrients is ready!

FertiGlobal, SCL Italia business unit, has launched Life ENVision, a sustainable agriculture project that has received European Community funding

inauguration Fertiglobal new R&D Center

October (3rd) 2019 – It is a date to remember for FertiGlobal, that in Larderello, at the headquarters of the SCL Italia Larderello Group, took part at the inauguration of the company’s Research Center that produces fertilizers.

Tuscany president, Mr. Enrico Rossi, was also the witness for the launch of the Life ENVision project, a sustainable agriculture project that has received important European community funding through the LIFE program initiative.

Life ENVision aims to introduce an innovative biostimulant, , a substance that promotes plant growth already through small amount application and can change the impact of agriculture on the environment in a better way, responding to the growing demand for food and the consequent need for higher crop productivity.

It is an innovative fertilizer, that combines polyphenols with micronutrients, internationally patented (under the technology name of FertiGlobal’s EnNuVi®). It is able to promote healthy plant growth and yield by protecting them from a wide range of environmental factors making crops more resistant to the dramatic effects of the climate change, drought and flooding events, just as an example.

“To make a comparison – explains Paolo Bonini CEO of Scl Italia Spa -, when we want to prevent flu, we try to strengthen our immune system by taking vitamins”.

EnNuVi® technology (Enhances, Nurtures, Vitalizes) by FertiGlobal thanks to the synergy of two molecules (polyphenols and micronutrients) stimulates the natural defensive mechanisms of plants, such as the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are known to play a key role as molecular signals for plant adaptation to abiotic stresses. This natural boost enhances plant resilience and provides strong self-protective effects against a wide range of environmental stresses.

The LIFE Envision project activities started in the innovative research centre that was inaugurated by the company with the contribution of the EC funding. The country of Borax based volcanic jets thus becomes a laboratory in which new R&D tools are used to develop technologies to significantly support a sustainable agriculture that produces without the massive use of pesticides, especially fungicides.

The European Environment Agency estimates sales for 400 thousand tons of pesticides every year, and among these fungicides are the most commercialized subcategory. Extensive use of fungicides causes negative effects on the environment and human health because they can be persistent and toxic in soil, water and air, and through the food chain they can reach animals and humans.

Due to population growth expected to increase to over 10 billion by 2050, agricultural production is estimated to expand by 70% by 2050.

Hence the importance of the Life ENVision project.

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FertiGlobal, SCL Italia business unit, has launched Life ENVision
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