Field trial on tomato in Emilia Romagna – Italy

EnNuVi Technology

Field trial on tomato in Emilia Romagna – Italy

🟢 FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject has a crucial mission: spreading eco-friendly agriculture and reducing pesticides while growing stronger and healthier plants at global level.

Our patented bioactivating technology EnNuVi is the real beating heart of the project. This innovative biostimulant is the result of FertiGlobal’s cutting-edge R&D and is aimed at naturally boosting plants strength and resistance to external stress factors.

Our team of scientists regularly carry out special field-trials to test EnNuVi’s efficacy on the most diverse crops.

During the summer we have visited a field-trial we are conducting in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna on tomato plants. The aim of the test was to prove EnNuVi’s ability to:

🍅 increase the quality of plants

🛡 protect them against bacterial diseases

🌱 while reducing pesticides and fungicides

We are currently collecting all the results and will soon be able to share them with you here.

Meanwhile, have a look at the photos we have taken on field during our last visit!


Field trial on tomato in Emilia Romagna – Italy

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