Field trials results for the ENVision project

LIFE ENVision’s update

Field trials results for the ENVision project

A crucial issue for the entire agro-sector is the need to increase crop resistance at large scale, while boosting harvest quality and productivity.

Is it possible to reach these results while protecting the planet and increasing soil fertility?

We are excited to share with you an evidence of the powerful impact of #EnNuVi technology.

A 28 on-field test carried out in 4 different European agro-climate regions has demonstrated the effectiveness on the reduction of the environmental impact of agriculture in terms of:

🥒 reduction of fungicide application

💧reduction of water consumption

Results were evident on a wide variety of crops, all significant for EU culture and economy: from grapes to flowers passing by apples, potatoes, zucchini and sugar beet.

European Union has included #ENVisionProject in the LIFE funding Program, acknowledging its innovative power and the revolutionary value for the agricultural and environmental scene.

Field trials results for the ENVision project

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