On field tests are started

field trials


EnNuVi has started the on field tests after the lab and greenhouse phase

On field trials have started

In spite of the tough circumstances we are all experiencing, spring is finally back in Europe! The most important period of the farming season is about to begin and we are ready to start on-field trials of FertiGlobal’s breakthrough biostimulant technology EnNuVi.
After an in-depht testing phase conducted by the R&D team in our labs and greenhouses, the on-field phase is essential to validate positive effects on crops against biotic stress and water shortage.
Samples of our advanced nutrition solution have been sent to our partners in Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria and Italy for testing on different types of crops, such as tomato, corn, soy, cereals and sugar beet. Following our detailed protocols local growers will treat their cultivations and will give us constant feedback.
We are looking forward to collecting the results of these important trials, proving EnNuVi’s ability to boost plant resilience and improve yields!
These tests are part of FertiGlobal’s ENVision project, the EU-funded programme that is helping us spreading our biostimulant technology EnNuVi throughout Europe.
On field tests are started

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