Mantus by EnNuVi Technology

EnNuVi Technology

Mantus by EnNuVi Technology

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Here’s Mantus, our cutting-edge patented formulation powered by EnNuVi technology.

EnNuVi is the beating heart of Fertiglobal’s ENVisionProject, awarded by the European Union’s LIFEprogramme. An ambitious project aimed at changing the impact of agriculture on the environment while supporting the growing demand for food.

How can this be achieved?

🔬 thanks to the savvy combination of bioactive polyphenols and selected natural ingredients, EnNuVi is able to trigger and control plant defense systems and their resistance;

🌎 EnNuVi ensures healthy plant growth by decreasing pesticides and water consumption;

📈 EnNuVi ensures better yields, both in terms of quality and quantity, while guaranteeing significant cost savings to farmers throughout the whole lifecycle of plants.


Mantus by EnNuVi Technology

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