Pesticides’ reduction – an important objective

EnNuVi Technology

Pesticides’ reduction – an important objective

➡️ Reducing pesticides doesn’t mean decreasing yields. One of the most important objectives of FertiGlobal’s #ENVisionProject is to prove this simple statement.

This is why our R&D team is carrying out specific field trials aimed at testing the ability of our patented EnNuVi technology to naturally enhance the resilience of plants to external stress factors.

🍑 🍑 Here we are in Romagna, a sunny region in the center of Italy. These beautiful peach trees have been treated with our EnNuVi technology in combination with standard crop protection products in order to protect them against seasonal bacterial diseases.

Thanks to EnNuVi, the amount of fungicides needed to protect the plant is much less.

We are currently collecting data on symptoms, yield and quality of fruits and we’ll soon be able to share the final results. Stay tuned and don’t miss our updates!


Pesticides’ reduction – an important objective

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